Slack-first ticketing for growing MSPs

Delight your clients by supporting them in Slack. Triage, manage, and report on requests in one central system.

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The benefits of conversational ticketing

Automate your day with powerful workflows

Use our flexible workflow engine to automate common actions based on ticket fields, forms, responses, and more.

Manage requests from multiple Slack workspaces

Install the Halp app in each of your client's Slack workspaces. Triage and answer tickets from one private Slack workspace or web app.

Add ticket followers to streamline approvals

Add an outside email address or collaborator to a ticket so they can see its history and easily reply for quick approvals.

Customize fields, statuses, and forms.

Streamline operations with easily customizable settings to make Halp fit your team.

Actionable reporting on team performance

Measure ticket volume, response & resolution times, and agent performance. Slice and dice by important clients, categories and fields.

Easily accept and answer email based tickets

Clients' employees can submit tickets via email. These tickets route to Halp to keep your team working in one place.

Manage and search tickets in the web

View ticket lists and history, manage admin settings, and reply from an easy to use web interface.

Improve response times and customer satisfaction

Define flexible SLAs to measure and improve response and resolution times. Clients can easily rate ticket satisfaction from Slack.

Turn any Slack message into an Answer to automate recommendations for repetitive questions

Works standalone or integrates with the systems your team already uses.

Jira & Jira Service Desk Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with multiple Jira projects.
Jira Integration

Zendesk Support Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with Zendesk.
Zendesk Integration

ServiceNow Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with ServiceNow.
ServiceNow Integration

Halp Standalone

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