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April 17, 2019

Top 10 Slack Apps to Make Work Easier

These 10 Slack apps are amazing at saving time and reducing information overload, but they’re really just a scratch on the surface. There are so many bots, apps, and integrations dedicated to making communication, file management, productivity, and HR easier for Slack-driven teams.

With a cup of coffee in hand and today’s agenda in mind, you instinctively launch Slack to catch up on yesterday’s conversations. But with ten unread channels and hundreds of messages to scroll through, it’s easy to lose yourself in the black hole when trying to surface the information you need.

To conquer the daily chat overload, teams of all shapes and industries rely on the Slack app directory for tools and integrations to make work easier for everyone. For example, you have bots like Paperbot to collect and organize shared links in all of your channels, and integrations to connect your existing tools like Zendesk to Slack.

We handpicked the top 10 Slack apps to make work easier for your team, from pulling up last week’s analytics to giving high-fives to the people who went above and beyond. You can install any of these apps to your Slack workspace right away to see if they’re a good fit.

Note: If you can’t find the option to install Slack apps, it may be because you don’t have the permissions to do so. Only owners and administrators can install apps on Slack, so it’s best to contact the right people within your team for suggestions.

10 Slack Apps to Make Work Easier for Your Team


One of Slack’s biggest pain points is the time spent finding messages and links in an ocean of conversation. Must-read does the heavy-lifting by creating organized lists of important links and messages to share with your team. These can be short, important announcements or a collection of last week’s best reads. You can even have Must-read send a personal list of reminders and to-dos that are too small to be considered as tasks or issues.

Pricing: Free

You can also consider: Wise, lumio


Analytics are essential to making informed decisions, but you’d have to switch tabs and log in to your account every time you need to check your metrics. Statsbot connects with your database or analytics platform so you can quickly view and share data on demand with your team.

The free version lets you add up to 5 users, 50 scheduled reports/month, and an unlimited number of dashboards, with a paid option for more robust features like tracking goals, custom segments for Google Analytics, and more control over roles and permissions.

Pricing: Free or upgrade to the Enterprise plan

You can also consider: Arc, Revere


Meetings are opportunities to exchange valuable insights, reports, and updates with your team—if someone remembers to write them down before leaving the room. Hugo’s Slack integration syncs with your calendar and prompts your team to create meeting notes before the meeting begins. You can then collect and share these insights on Slack, keeping everyone informed about what transpired and what needs to be done.

Pricing: Free plan or upgrade to the $79/month Professional plan

You can also consider: MeetNotes, Solid


Not even the most well-written survey could deliver the results you need when it lacks team participation. Keep things simple with Polly, a Slack app that lets everyone author and answer polls and surveys without switching over to third-party tools. Whether it’s deciding what’s for lunch or gathering insights on a new hire’s first 90-day experience, Polly makes it super easy to answer surveys and gather insights right within Slack.

Pricing: Free plan, with paid options starting at $60/month

You can also consider: Simple Poll, LoomioBot


Small but meaningful acts of appreciation can boost morale and foster healthy relationships within the team. GoodRipple lets you send positive vibes to coworkers through private and anonymous messages. If you’re on the receiving end, you can send a pre-written “You made my day!” response, write your own, or ask your mystery pen pal to reveal themselves for twice the high-fives.

Pricing: Free plan, or upgrade to $4 per user/month plan

You can also consider: HeyTaco!, Disco


Since we’re all about empowering customer support teams to deliver great service, we think Halp would fit in well with this list. Our Zendesk + Slack integration or Jira + Slack integration both have a two-way sync that lets you implement powerful workflows which enables your team to respond faster and solve tickets more efficiently.

You can convert Slack messages into Zendesk/Jira tickets, syncing replies and internal notes by adding them to the message thread. If a customer responds to the Zendesk/Jira ticket, Halp syncs their replies as messages within the thread as well. You can configure the app to share tickets to Slack channels based on specific conditions, launch Zendesk or Jira forms, and pull up CSAT surveys so that everyone on the team can work efficiently.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, plans start at $25 per agent/month

You can also consider: Front


Screenshots play a huge role when exchanging ideas with and sending bug reports to your team. Marker is a powerful screen-sharing tool that lets you capture screenshots, annotate details you want to emphasize, and share these images to the tools you already use, including Slack. After selecting the channel to share it to, all members are able to view the screenshot with a link back to the page where it was taken from.

Pricing: 15-day free trial, plans start at $19/month

You can also consider: Droplr for Slack, Website Screenshots


Respond to time-off requests and draw up summaries of your team’s sick leaves and holidays with TimeBot. This nifty bot sends time-off requests via direct message and quick reminders about upcoming approved leaves. It’ll also give you the heads-up if other team members are on leave on the same dates, saving you the trouble of cross-checking and approving conflicting OOOs by mistake.

Pricing: Free

Alternatives: AttendanceBot, Jibble


With new hires to onboard and updated processes to document, it helps to have a central hub for all of your company documents, workflows, and best practices.

Outline is an open-source team wiki app you can use to kick things off the ground. Your team can search for documentation, meeting notes, work logs, and brainstorming sessions within Slack, all of which can be drafted, saved, imported, and exported in Markdown. Whenever a new document is published, Slack sends out a notification to everyone on the channel.

Pricing: Free for teams of 5 or less

Alternatives: Tettra, Notion


Text, emojis, and your occasional cat GIF still hold the top spot as the main mode of communication on Slack. Loom aims to change the game by bringing face-to-face video communication to the platform with its Slack integration. It saves plenty of time from drafting long messages, keeps typos and miscommunication at bay, and adds tone and personality to the conversation.

After recording your video message, send it off to your team either by @mention or #channel right from your Loom video page. You can even direct your team’s attention to a specific part of your video by typing @ or # in a Comment or Reply. This sends a timestamp-specific Slack message to your team so they don’t miss out.

Pricing: Free

Alternatives: Tape, Hippo Video

Turn Slack into Your Team’s Personal J.A.R.V.I.S

These 10 Slack apps are amazing at saving time and reducing information overload, but they’re really just a scratch on the surface. There are bots, apps, and integrations dedicated to making communication, file management, productivity, and HR easier for Slack-driven teams. Just make sure to have another coffee cup filled and a Friday night off before going on the hunt for the best picks for your team. If you are into more articles like this be sure to check out our article on 10 Apps that Power Up Your Work Day.

Happy Slack-ing!

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