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May 7, 2019

Slack's New Features You Haven't Heard About Yet

Slack announced a lot of big features last week along with dropping their S-1 as they look to go public in the next few months.Outside of the big features you’ve been hearing about, they also announced a bunch of less splashy but incredibly exciting features they will be rolling out. Here’s what’s coming next that I’m most excited about:

Offline Mode!

You’ll finally be able to catch up on Slack messages on the airplane or whenever you’re not connected.

Improved and centralized Search in Cmd-K

The handy dandy CMD-K is getting upgraded to a full search feature that can grab files or messages. Seems like they are moving everything towards one central search function, which is great.

More channel specific settings for who can post and who is a member

Slack is adding the ability to create announce only channels in any channel, not just the general channel. Announce only channels are great for topic-based announcements and limiting the noise so important updates don’t get missed.

Announce-only channels will also have the ability to allow or disallow threads, so you can have a channel where only admins can post but anyone can use threads.

Finally, channels will have the ability to lock who is in that channel, so you can ensure that all employees are members of certain channels.

Superpowers for Slack admins via the API

There will be a new admin api to manage who can invite people to private channels and lock membership of those channels.

Updated API for app management. This will allow admins to whitelist scopes, pre-approve apps across Slack Grid, as well as blacklist scopes. As the Slack ecosystem of apps continue to grow, Admins are getting smarter about how they manage apps and these APIs will automate a lot of those processes.

Custom profile fields

Slack is quickly becoming a great place for employees to quickly search a directory of employees and grab contact information, office location, and more.

Slack is going to be further improving the directory by adding the ability to have custom profile fields that can be synced to Slack from Okta, Workday, etc. This will make it easy for employees to grab their coworkers information without switching to another system. And best of all, this will be viewable in analytics so you can slice and dice your Slack metrics by department, office location, and much more!

Mobile Security Feature

Slack introduced a new security feature specifically dedicated to securing the mobile interface. There are two cool points about this feature.

You can limit downloads on mobiles or to specific accounts only. This means that while on mobile if the document is highly sensitive there can be only viewable features instead of the ability to download to document. This new feature will prevent sensitive material from being forwarded along or if in the event the phone is lost or stolen the documents won’t be found on the device.

Coupling with this feature, Slack will release another feature that focuses on lost or stolen employee devices. Slack will offers the option to remotely clear and remove access from any device.

If you are interested in learning more about the conference and see the full list of Slack's take aways visit here to for more information.

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