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June 28, 2019

Halpful Tips Weekly—6

Diving into this week's Halpful Tips—We applaud 👏🏼 Slack for their IPO launch and dive into why people love 💜 the tool. We note that not everyone is as excited about Slack's launch, Microsoft for one has blocked the device from being used for internal use. Also, we found an article explaining the complications and pitfalls for deploying workspaces for significant companies. We took a look into Lyft's Engineering department to learn how they are re-working customer support. Lastly, learn how Halp is using Halp to support Halp while building a better Halp!

Slack is ruining my life and I love it

By Seth Fiegerman, Senior Tech Writer for CNN Business

Slack is described blandly as a workplace communication tool. But that barely scratches the surface of its impact on teams, internet culture and, most importantly of all, life.

Slack is many things: an engine for collaboration and a distraction machine; a community-builder for an office and a facsimile of high school cliques; a service to streamline work and to blur the lines of your work/life balance. It is the bane of my existence and also, at times, the only salve for a stressful day.


Slack or Teams? Many Businesses Opt for Both

By Matthew Finnegan, Senior Reporter for Computerworld

Slack and Microsoft may be battling for dominance in the booming team collaboration market, but most organizations rely on both applications—and some companies use even more. It was found by Mio that 91% of businesses us at least two messaging apps and Slack/Teams represent 66% of the organizations surveyed.


No Slack for you! Microsoft puts rival app on internal list of ‘prohibited and discouraged’ software

By Nat Levy and Todd Bishop for Geekwire.com

As Slack makes its stock market debut, Microsoft announce it won’t be allowing its employees to use the business collaboration and chat app as part of their daily work. While the list references the competitive nature of these services, the primary criteria for landing in the “prohibited” category are related to IT security and safeguarding company secrets. Slack is on the “prohibited” category of the internal Microsoft list, along with tools such as the Grammarly grammar checker and Kaspersky security software.


IT pros discuss challenges of a workspace platform deployment

By John Powers, Assistant Site Editor for Search Enterprise Desktop

Digital workspace platforms provide a set of tools that can improve the end-user experience and simultaneously simplify management for IT, but deploying them may involve wholesale changes to an organization's back-end infrastructure and management processes.

Before an organization deploys a digital workspace, it must consider its existing management tools, subscriptions, licensing agreements, delivery methods and other factors. IT departments must determine if it is worth uprooting an existing management strategy for the benefits of workspace platforms.


Move Thoughtfully and Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things

By Sean Bolton, Tech Writer, Designer and Growth Product Maker at Lyft, for Medium

The support tech team at Lyft, have been rebuilding their support systems to better stand the test of time and enable growth. The strategy was fueled by a deep understanding of what challenges existed in the past, what is needed now, and what is required for the future. By gathering as much context as possible about the support infrastructure problem space, taking into account information within Lyft and external to Lyft, they were able to design a solution that solved our current needs while planning for the future.


How we use Halp to support Halp while building a better Halp (How to be Halpful)

By The Halp Dev Team

Building a modern ticketing system while also using it ourselves has proven to be a huge success as we move forward in developing and building a tool that is not only intuitive but a product we stand by in every way....because we use it!


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