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June 14, 2019

Halpful Tips Weekly—5

In this week's Halpful Tips, we notice the growing issue of internal digital systems without IT approval. Investors are watching as Slack's growing public value from $7.1B to $17B. The war between workspace systems continues between Teams and Slack we put together our comparison. Read our own Dev's take on creating a custom Teams app for Halp. Lastly, Boulder is receiving it's first Slack Dev Meet up hosted by us!

When Employees Are Using Software That IT Hasn’t Approved

By Nathan Furr, Didier Rouillard, and Andrew Shipilov for Harvard Business Review

The Digital transformation has been a blessing and a little curse. Now many CEO's rush to mega project that everyone has to be a part of. The trouble with this is that mega projects take a long time to deliver, and by the time they do deliver, what they provide may well be obsolete.  Meanwhile, out on the front lines, real managers need something they can use today in order to defend the business. So they turn to their own needs and step outside of the approval of the IT team.


Slack Listing Likely to Value It at Up to $17 Billion

By Sonali Basak, Crystal Tse, and Ellen Huet for Bloomberg.com

Ever wonder how Slack came to be? It’s actually a story that you would not expect. Stewart Butterfield, known for his hand in creating Flickr, a photo-sharing service acquired by Yahoo, tried his hand at creating a game. The game was created alongside some co-workers from Flickr in 2009, the group called the game Tiny Speck. Hear how Slack was born out of the ashes of this almost mysterious game Tiny Speck.


Slack vs. Teams? Which do You Choose?

By the Halp Team at Slack

Slack or Teams? Which side of the workspace line do you fall? We have taken a moment to outline the differences in the two leading workspace environments to help you understand them better and figure out which would work best for your company.


MS Teams: Uploading Custom Apps (App Studio + Sideloading)

By Halp Dev Team

There are multiple ways to create custom apps and multiple ways to create bots for said apps - each with their own advantages and drawbacks. We’ve assembled the following guide based on our own initial process for app creation and uploading in Microsoft Teams. This approach combines the use of Teams’s App Studio and sideloading to maximize available functionality and simplicity.


Slack Platform Community: Boulder - Inaugural Dev Meetup

By Halp Team & Slack

The Slack Platform Community kicks off in Boulder! Apps are a fundamental part of bringing workflows into Slack, improving the way teams work together. But the Slack Platform isn’t just a set of APIs to connect workflows and teams—it’s a global community with the resources, support, and tools you need to be successful.

This is a great event to meet other Slack enthusiasts, Slack employees, developers and entrepreneurs in the local and global Slack community while enjoying some free food and drinks. Registration is limited - please register to secure a seat.

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