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May 31, 2019

Halpful Tips Weekly—4

So many exciting things happening this week! Buckle up for this week’s Halpful Tips. This week we take a look at Slack’s top 5 apps to save a little time each day. We learn about the Slack origin story, which is an unexpected one. How Atlassian will benefit from Slack’s IPO from now and in the future. Finally, Slack has invested in six startups just this year, we learn about their thoughts and motives for investing in startups.

How Atlassian Stands to Benefit from Slack’s IPO

By Luis Sanchez, Tech and Business writer for fool.com

There has been much talk about the upcoming Slack IPO. Few people, however, are talking about how enterprise software company Atlassian also stands to benefit. Last year, Atlassian inked a partnership with Slack that gave the company a small equity stake and a product alliance. Atlassian's equity stake will probably rise in value, but the company should benefit more from its new business relationship.

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Take Back a Little Time Each Day with These 5 Apps for Slack

By the Team at Slack

Think about the time you spend switching between apps each day at work. You likely lose a minute or two of time—and a lot of focus. What could eliminating those distracting moments do for your productivity? The Slack App Directory is filled with integrations that cut down on context switching and speed up often laborious tasks. Slack pulls 5 of their favorite apps, including Halp!


The Slack Origin Story

By Kate Clark, Reporter Covering Venture Capital for TechCrunch

Ever wonder how Slack came to be? It’s actually a story that you would not expect. Stewart Butterfield, known for his hand in creating Flickr, a photo-sharing service acquired by Yahoo, tried his hand at creating a game. The game was created alongside some co-workers from Flickr in 2009, the group called the game Tiny Speck. Hear how Slack was born out of the ashes of this almost mysterious game Tiny Speck.


Slack’s Startup Investments As It Preps For Direct Listing

By Holden Page, News Editor and Columnist for Crunchbase

The Slack Fund is known for investing in startups, as they have invested in 42 startups. So far this year, the messaging unicorn is making good headway on its investment pace, with six startup investments recorded in 2019. In this article, Crunchbase talks startups, including Halp.


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