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November 7, 2019

October Product Update

📣In this post, we're excited to share October's updates from Halp! Read up on the latest improvements including our Zapier Integration, Filter by Channel in Ticket List View, New Recipe Trigger: Field has Any Value, New Recipe Action: Assign to Agent That did Action, Custom Permissions & Sign in with Slack, New Agent and Admin Onboarding, Delayed Agent Billing, and more!

⚡️ Zapier Integration

A highly anticipated integration is now generally available for all Halp teams. We’re very excited to see what people automate with Zapier. Creating tickets in Slack is great, but often those tickets need to be escalated to other tools and teams to be resolved. Combine Halp’s Recipes and Zapier’s extensive integration library to push ticket data just about anywhere. 

We’ve already seen customers connect to project management tools like Trello, Asana, and Clubhouse, as well as incident management tools like PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and VictorOps. The possibilities are endless!  Learn how to connect Halp to Zapier

🎛 Filter by Channel in Ticket List View

We’ve added a new filter to the Ticket List view. For teams that use Halp in multiple triage channels and often across multiple different teams (DevOps, PeopleOps, SalesOps, etc.) it’s important to be able to filter work by channel. 

🔍 New Recipe Trigger: Field has Any Value

With our new Recipe Trigger, trigger an action when a field has any value. For example, if the field Priority has Any Value -> assign to an agent. Automate based on the presence of any custom field value. Another example: if a user had a field set up for Escalation, you could set up a Recipe to send a subset of tickets to sync with an external integration such as Jira if that field were set to any value. After that ticket is synced with Jira, you could then set up further automations based on the value of that synced field.  

🙋🏾New Recipe Action: Assign to Agent That did Action 

Users wanted more flexibility in assigning tickets and we’re very excited to debut our latest Recipe Action. When paired with the Any Value Trigger, this recipe allows you to do things like use the :eyes: emoji to assign a ticket to the person who used the emoji. 

Many more upgrades will be coming to Recipes soon, so stay tuned. If you have any ideas that would make your workflow easier we’d love to hear them. Send any feature requests to

🔐 Custom Permissions & Sign in with Slack

Slack permissions are an important concern for Security teams. Previously, each time a user signed in with Slack they had to authorize all of the Slack permissions.

We’ve now improved the sign-in process to make it easier for Agents to login, and added the capability to have a custom set of Slack permissions per Halp workspace. So if your security team doesn’t want to give us access to DMs, no problem! You’ll lose functionality such as using Emojis in DMs, but you can still improve your internal requests with Halp, while making the security team happy. 

💯 New Agent and Admin Onboarding

Onboarding is critical to initial rollout and user adoption. We’ve doubled down on agent education about our product and included tips to make Halp even more useful. New agents added to triage channels will learn how to make their first ticket, and are announced when they join the triage channel to keep better tabs on channel membership. 

🙈 Delayed Agent Billing

Users love how easy it is to add a new agent (/invite @new-user) to their Halp plan, but sometimes people get invited inadvertently. To address this, we’ve built in a one-hour delay after people get added or removed from triage channels before triggering any new billing changes. If someone gets added by accident, just /kick them and you’re good to go! 

🏆 Other Notable Features

🔗 Jira/Slack Sync Buttons

Two-way syncing between legacy ticketing and real-time messaging? To keep things on track, use our Jira-Slack sync button to bring things back to the system of record.

🖥 Default Field with Link to Slack Triage Thread 

Default fields for external integrations now provide a link to the Slack Triage thread. 

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