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January 6, 2020

December Product Update

We flew through 2019 and couldn’t be more excited about what we are cooking up for 2020! Diving into the list of product updates we released in December: we added flexibility into how tickets are assigned with an emoji and improved our Zendesk/Slack integration to provide a full sync of attachments between systems. We also enhanced our Jira integration to allow more complex custom field mapping to Halp, and lastly, the ability to view your CSAT in CSV exports. All to help you work smarter, not harder, check them out below and let us know what you hope to see in 2020!

🥐 New Recipe: Assign to Agent

Sometimes it’s helpful to auto-assign a ticket to an agent when a specific emoji is used. We previously auto-assigned tickets with the 🎫 emoji to the agent that added it; however, this was not ideal for everyone. So, we changed this into a customizable recipe! Now, you can customize how a ticket should be assigned (or not) when a specific emoji is added. Make your team’s workflows just as unique as their personalities. 

📥 Inbound Zendesk Tickets

When creating a ticket, it’s great to have it sync with other tools that portions of your organization rely on to get their jobs done. In this case, that tool is Zendesk. Previously, we supported outbound Zendesk tickets (sending a ticket from Slack to Zendesk). We are excited to announce that you can configure tickets that are created in Zendesk to send them to Halp (and Slack). 

This is great for escalations and collaboration on other tickets created from Zendesk. When a ticket is updated in Zendesk or in Slack the changes will be reflected in the other system. Making life easier, reducing context switching and keeping your team all on the same page without ever leaving Slack. 

Learn more about inbound Zendesk tickets

📎 Syncing attachments with Zendesk/Jira

Attaching rich media to a ticket has always been an important aspect of ticket creation. In a lot of situations, it helps create context in ways that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. We built out a way to support for inbound and outbound attachments with Zendesk/Jira + Halp. 

More specifically, this means that if a ticket has a comment within Zendesk/Jira and has an attachment, we will make sure to include that attachment with the ticket as it comes through to Halp. Inversely, if a user comments on a ticket from Slack with an attachment, that attachment will get uploaded directly to the ticket comment as it gets sent to Zendesk/Jira through Halp.

🗺 Two new field mappings from Halp to Jira

Sometimes it’s helpful to get more context into the conversation surrounding a ticket, or even understand how a ticket was created. In Halp this is easy to view, due to the nature of conversational ticketing; however, what if you’re using an integration such as Jira? It’s a little harder to keep track of that context.

With our new field mapping, you can now follow custom fields in Halp like: “Link to Triage Channel Thread,” and “Ticket Creation Method” to a specific custom field in Jira. With this feature, linking to the triage channel thread will do just that — populate the selected custom field in Jira with a link to view the ticket thread in Slack, making it easy for your team to jump from Jira into the Slack thread. The ticket creation method field will send a string to the Jira custom field describing how the ticket was created — via an Emoji, the slash command, etc. This field can also be mapped to enable detailed reporting out of Jira.

👍 CSAT included in CSV exports

At the end of each ticket, users are given the ability to give a 👍 or 👎. These Customer Satisfaction ratings are an important metric to understand how your team is performing. CSAT scores are now included in exports to CSV files! Now you can use this as a point of improvement to show your company how well your team is doing or notice areas of improvement. 

We’ve got lots of great improvements planned for 2020. If there is a specific feature or functionality you’d like to see added to Halp, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line via email to or join our Slack community. 

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