Product Updates
March 5, 2020

February Product Update

Just like how March comes in like a lion the Halp team is roaring into the new month after a full month of product releases. We explored new ways to increase your productivity levels in February, by adding extra opportunities to automate workflows and manage issues everywhere in Slack! We also enhanced your user’s experience with the ability to craft your perfect messaging throughout the ticket process. Lastly, we want to reward YOU, with a new pair of Apple AirPods Pros!

🔖 Set custom field values with a recipe

Setting a custom field value is central to creating (and resolving) tickets successfully. You don’t always have the ability to manually update the field on every ticket, and sometimes you want to auto-set a field based on where a ticket originated. Now you can set custom field values based on certain conditions and triggers with a recipe.

😝 Reacji support in private channels

Reacjis are the fastest way to turn messages into tickets with Halp. Not only can you create tickets, but you can also set-up recipes to route tickets to different triage channels, and assign tickets to different individuals. Previously, reacjis were only supported in public channels that the Halp bot was a member of. However, we’re happy to announce the support of reacjis in private channels as well! In order to use this feature, make sure that the Halp bot is a member of the private channel where you would like to make use of reacjis.

Learn more about using reacjis with Halp chevron_right

🗒 Appearance & Messaging

Each team is unique, and often you need to guide users' interactions with internal operations using your own customized language. We released a new settings page called “Appearance & Messaging.” On this page, you can configure custom messages as responses to specific user behavior. Examples include the message in a ticket thread and the welcome message in App Home. Try it out and let us know what you think!

🏆 Earn rewards!

We want to give you a pair of new Apple AirPods Pro if you refer a friend and they become a customer. This could be someone at a different company or even a team at your current company that doesn't use Halp yet.

To qualify, please fill out the form that you are taken to once you click on the "Earn Rewards" icon (the gift icon) in your left navbar instance in the Halp web interface (or follow the link below). Earn rewards 

We’d love to get your feedback or comments around the App Home experience! Drop us a line via email to or join the Halp Ops Community!

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