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May 21, 2019

7 Slack Apps Designed to Make Your Workday Better

Since its launch six years ago, Slack has quickly become a ubiquitous office tool. Used by companies of all sizes, it’s an effective way to streamline work and make teams stronger and more productive. And while it offers a powerful way to foster communication, part of its allure is the ability to connect it to a great deal of external and internal (meaning they were developed by the Slack team) apps.

Some apps make your conversation a little more colorful, like the one that lets you add GIFs. Others, like Google Drive’s, have become an indispensable tool. But there are lesser known apps that can save you a lot of time and effort at work that you might not be aware they exist.

Use these Slack apps to save time on wearisome day-to-day tasks like scheduling meetings, tracking bugs or organizing stand up meetings. In this article, you’ll find a selection of seven free Slack Apps that you might not know that will make your day better: more effective, more productive and with less time spent on tedious tasks!

1. Bitbucket Cloud

A context-rich code repository that lets you add messages to pull requests

Bitbucket Cloud is an app developed by Atlassian that lets you get important context about your code repositories and take action without having to leave Slack. With it, you’ll be more efficient because you won’t need to copy/paste details and explanations into your code. Instead, your team can add the conversation from Slack directly to the pull request, saving you time because the original information will always be available in one single place.

2. @Must-Read

Mark important messages on Slack and make sure your team reads them

Ever found yourself having to re-post an important message on Slack because it got buried by other ongoing conversations? With so many discussions happening at once, it’s far from uncommon. And at times, it means that people miss critical requests or information. The @Must-Read app solves this problem by letting you mark your most relevant messages, announcements and links as very important, and track exactly who has read it.

Whenever you mention @must-read in a message, it’ll get added to a list of must-read items so that your team can easily keep track of any pending items. You can also add messages or links to your personal read-list by mentioning @must-read and @me.

3. Meekan Scheduling

Save time by having a bot schedule your meetings

Nailing down a time to arrange a meeting can feel like a waste of time, especially if you have to check everyone’s calendar until you find a slot that suits all participants. Let a bot automate this tedious process.

Meekan is a useful app for busy people that automatically finds a time slot that works for everyone. Simply mention @meekan and all the people you’d like to invite to the meeting and the app will offer times that suit everyone – no more back and forth asking teammates for their availability.

Meekan’s added bonus is that it also works out time differences and finds a time to meet that is mutually convenient, which is really helpful when your team is based in different time zones.

4. Arc

Stay on top of your Google Analytics with simple updates published directly in Slack

Google Analytics is a great way to get details about the visitors on your website and use it to improve your success strategy. At times, though, the data it provides can feel overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially for non-experts.

Here’s where Arc comes in – an app that sends you messages on Slack about your website’s performance that actually sound human, making them easy to understand by everyone on your team. The app generates metrics, reports, and graphs without having to visit the Google Analytics dashboard, saving your time by not having to change between sites to see key information.

5. Standuply

Run stand up meetings efficiently regardless of your team’s distance and time

A 15-minute daily stand up meeting is used in many companies as a way to keep teams cohesive and productive. For teams working remotely, the practice can be a challenging one, especially if people work asynchronously. Updates can come at different times in different channels, which makes it difficult to get a complete update on a certain project.

Standuply offers an effective way to run remote stand up meetings regardless of where and when people work. After setting up the questions you want your teammates to respond to each day, Standuply provides team members the option to respond whenever it fits best in their day. If you prefer, you can add a video or voice message to report on whatever update you have for your team.

The application includes a poll feature that lets users run one-time or recurring polls with conditional questions.

While originally designed for stand up meetings, you can use Standuply also team mood check-ins, 360-degree surveys, and retrospectives.

6. Export

Easily export all types of Slack conversations, including direct messages

The Export app does one thing and does it very well: making exporting Slack conversations an uncomplicated and straightforward task.

Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to export a channel or a private conversation by typing in /export. A link will then be replied in the same thread. Then, you can select the date range of your preference, if you only need to see the data for a certain time period. After that, you’re ready to download your data in JSON, HTML, or plain-text format.

7. Halp

Reduce flipping cost and manage requests without having to leave your workspace

Halp makes it easy for your entire company to create and respond to internal tickets directly in Slack. Open tickets for IT support, HR questions, or any internal request. We have seen an array of use benefits to Halp, such as the reduction of context switching. Solve requests faster. No more long delays waiting for email responses. Resolve questions quickly and keep employees happy and productive. Improve reporting and accountability through tracking every Slack based request to increase reporting and prioritization.

There’s a (Slack) App for That

The Slack App Directory is full of apps and integrations that you can connect to Slack. Combining Slack’s native features with an app is the best way to turn it into an even more powerful tool.

Take care of tedious day-to-day tasks like organizing meetings, making sure your important messages are read or saving conversations. It’s easy to find the one app that will make your life at the office easier, allowing you to spend time on what’s most important for you and your team.

Is there a Slack App you couldn’t do without? Share it with us!! If you liked this article and want to read more like it, subscribe for more tips!

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