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How does Halp Work?

As the first conversational platform designed specifically for internal ticketing, Halp is helping companies update their legacy, internal ticketing software for the workplace of today. Our ticketing solution app is built for modern IT teams. The solution enables IT to assign, prioritize, and answer requests from Slack with ease in a chat-based interface. Conversational ticketing results in faster ticket resolution, higher user satisfaction, and increased company productivity. ‘

Where can I Get Halp?

Halp is available by clicking the link below, or the button on the top right corner

Add Halp to Slack

Where can I use Halp?

Halp is currently available in 100+ countries including the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, and many more.

Know more

Using Help for Enterprise Software?

Check out our video on how to Install Halp to your workspace.

How much does Halp cost?

Halp has a free 14-day trial and installation. After that, pricing starts at $25 per agent a month.

Using Halp for Enterprise Software?

Are you an Enterprise looking to add Halp to your team? Shoot us a message we are happy to walk you through it!