Microsoft Teams Integration

Automate support and IT workflows with a 2-way sync between Teams conversations and tickets.

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Solutions for your team.

IT Service Desk

If you provide internal IT support for your company, Halp allows employees to open and respond to tickets directly in Slack. Your team can triage tickets in Slack and build automated reporting and workflows.
Halp for IT Teams

B2B Support in Slack

If you're a utilizing Slack channels or a Slack community for customer support, Halp ensures issues are tracked, assigned, and answered.  
Halp for Slack-Based Support

Managed Service Providers

If you're an MSP providing IT support to many companies, Halp allows clients to open tickets from multiple Slack workspaces. Your team can answer and report from one central system.
Halp for MSPs

Streamline support by connecting Microsoft Teams and Halp