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About Halp


The people we turn to when the 💩 hits the fan.

We’re a team of adventurers, engineers, writers, & problem-solvers, out to improve the lives of halpers the world over. At Halp, we believe IT should be conversational. At the very least, it should be human. Spilled coffee on your laptop? Worry not, just ping your friendly IT halpdesk in Slack (instead of tracking down that esoteric URL to submit a ticket… again…).

We’re halpers too, and our time in the trenches has taught us that every little way we can improve the helpdesk experience will make everyone’s life better.

Meet the halpers

Our Amazing Team

The Halp team members that have made this possible. We may be gray but we are super fun we promise.

Noah Adelman
Account Executive
Here to get you everything you need to understand all that Halp has to offer.
Graham Bartlett
Software engineer
Spacebars by day, armbars by night.
Dan Bellenbaum
Director of Sales
Can sell HBO subscriptions to a nunnery.
Jensen Fleming
Senior Account manager
Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both.
I want people to be afraid of how much they
love me.
Andrew Homeyer
Picture from 2013, beard has grown since then. Likes writing code, loves building teams.
Jesse Litton
Director of Design
Painting pixels day and night.
Beth Mason
Software EnginEer
Pushing buttons, building, & breaking things.
Danni Pyle
Director of Support
Equal parts fire-fighter, therapist, & bartender.
Komran Rashidov
Co-Founder & Software
I'm just here for the free La Croix.
Fletcher Richman
Co-Founder & CEO
The least hair and the most swagger.
Tori Stitt
Digital marketing & growth manager
Eliminating drive by swoop and poops daily.
Tristan Rubadeau
Co-Founder & solutions Architect
First of his name. Destroyer of shadow IT.

Our Values

Here at Halp, we like to be "Halpful" - for both customers and employees. We'll drop everything to solve customer problems. We'll teach you a new Slack trick or anything it takes to help you have a great ticketing system, apart from answering the tickets for you! We halp each other too - we're always jumping in to answer sales or support questions, grab screenshots for bug reports, or pair program on tricky engineering problems.

What it is:
#halpfirst - give without expectation of anything in return
Campsite rule - we always leave processes, code, and tools more organized than when we found them
Everyone in the company talks to the customers 
Social impact - we give back to the community through Pledge 1%, community events, mentoring, and more
Going above and beyond for customers and coworkers Feeling ownership for the entire business and truly caring 

What it isn't:
Doing coworker's/customers work for them - you should help them do it, not do it for them
Fixing someone's problem without teaching them how to do it themselves next time
Ignoring prioritization completely to fix small problems

At our core, we believe in getting shit done. We run experiments that can be measured, iterate quickly based on data, celebrate learnings from failures, and double-down on success. We ask for forgiveness rather than permission and always drink when served. Customers create our deadlines, not some arbitrary 3-year product roadmap. 

What it is:
Run experiments
Ship something uncomfortable then iterate - minimum demo-able product
Just in time delivery 
Less meetings, more work
Celebrate failures (“in the ditch”)
Do something rather than talk about doing something
Look for free beer, not free puppies

What it isn't:
Doing something with no purpose or deadline
Arguing for the sake of argument 
Burning out 

At Halp, we learn something new every day. We learn the fastest by listening to our teammates, our advisors and mentors, and especially our customers. We believe the company that learns the fastest wins. We hire individuals for their rate of learning, not just their current knowledge and experience, i.e. hire for slope, not y-intercept. 

What it is:
1st principles: go down to root causes and question core assumptions
There are no bad ideas, and there are no stupid questions
Listen first, and deeply understand our customers
Dedicated time to learn and reflect - retros, lunch and learns, etc

What it isn’t:
An excuse to not make a decision or take action: making a decision with 20% of the data is usually better than waiting for 100% of the data
Going down rabbit holes 

At Halp, we don’t just say we have fun, we actually have fun. It’s authentic. It’s not a structured gcal event, play comes naturally to us. It means being able to laugh at each other and ourselves. During times of stress, we don’t let it get to our heads, we laugh it off, work harder, and get active to clear our mind. 

What it is:
Easter eggs in the product, crazy new feature ideas
Having fun both in the office and outside the office
Play is about camaraderie. It’s how we build loyalty and trust, and ensure that our egos don’t get too big

What it isn’t:
joke at every corner. It’s not trivializing our business, our customers, or each other
A substitute for value-add or hard work.

“Props for building a tool that doesn't require any training to use. It's not often I see the team excited to use a product, but they love Halp”
Kyle Williams, IT Specialist @ GoSpotCheck