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About Halp

Always be Halpful!

Who we are:
We’re a team of highly skilled individuals building software designed to streamline your day-to-day so you can get more 💩 done.

What our goals are:

A high-touch support experience leads to happier humans, and happier humans do better work . Empower your workplace with an exceptional tool so your team (& your clients) can enjoy the perks of increased transparency, productivity, and all that jazz about being happy or whatever.
In other words, our goal is to make ticketing better. Period. Full stop.

Our Values:
We believe intuitive conversational technology leads to smoother responses, productive employees, and ultimately happier workplaces. We believe in reducing switching costs so you can get the work done faster without the annoyance of leaving your workspace. We truly believe that Halp can enhance service management, by allowing conversational ticketing through customizable forms and secure ways to communicate.

Meet the halpers

Our Amazing Team

The Halp team members that have made this possible. We may be gray but we are super fun we promise.

Noah Adelman
Customer Success & Sales Manager
Here to get you everything you need to understand all that Halp has to offer.
Ken Hoff
Full-stack Product Engineer
Pixel pusher and bit flipper. I build dumb fun web stuff, but mostly I just use a lot of sticky notes and whiteboard markers.
Andrew Homeyer
vp of Engineering
Picture from 2013, beard has grown since then. Likes writing code, loves building teams.
Beth Mason
Software Engineer
New to the team, but definitely the most awesome.
Komran Rashidov
Co-Founder & Software
I'm just here for the free La Croix.
Fletcher Richman
Co-Founder & CEO
The least hair and the most swagger.
Tristan Rubadeau
Co-Founder & CTO
First of his name. Destroyer of shadow IT.
Tori Stitt
Digital marketing & growth manager
Always thinking Halpfully by developing creative ways to think about ticketing.

[Hal-per], noun.

The people we turn to when the 💩 hits the fan.

We’re a team of adventurers, engineers, writers, & problem-solvers, out to improve the lives of halpers the world over. At Halp, we believe IT should be conversational. At the very least, it should be human. Spilled coffee on your laptop? Worry not, just ping your friendly IT halpdesk in Slack (instead of tracking down that esoteric URL to submit a ticket… again…).

We’re halpers too, and our time in the trenches has taught us that every little way we can improve the helpdesk experience will make everyone’s life better.
“Props for building a tool that doesn't require any training to use. It's not often I see the team excited to use a product, but they love Halp”
Kyle Williams, IT Specialist @ GoSpotCheck