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Trusted by IT, HR, and Ops Teams at Growing Startups and Large Enterprises

"It's a great tool. We really needed something to help us track our support work and it's delivered on that since day one."
"With just a few clicks we were able to get up and running and get folks creating tickets in Slack in under an hour."
"Halp is a great product. It's been a huge improvement from our previous ticketing system."
"It's been so long that I've been looking for something like this. It's fantastic."
"Halp is exceptionally engaging."
"Love the improved workflow for our team and the easy reporting. Creating tickets from DMs is my killer feature."
"A must have for any IT Department trying to figure out how to prioritize support requests coming in via Slack!"
“Props for building a tool that doesn't require any training to use. It's not often I see the team excited to use a product, but they love Halp.”
"We were able to implement and maintain a 15 min SLA for our urgent tickets while maintaining a 97% CSAT!"

Conversational ticketing use cases:

IT, HR, Ops Service Desk

For IT, HR, and operations teams, Halp allows employees to open and respond to tickets directly in Slack. Your team can triage tickets and build automated reporting and workflows.
Halp for HR, IT, and Ops Teams

Customer Channels in Slack

If you're utilizing Slack channels or a Slack community to engage your best customers, Halp ensures issues are tracked, assigned, and answered. Tickets from all customers flow into a triage channel to be prioritized.
Halp for Customer Channels

IT Consultants and MSPs

If you're an IT Consultant or MSP providing IT support to many companies, Halp allows clients to open tickets from multiple Slack workspaces. Your team can answer and report from one central system.
Halp for Consultants / MSPs

Turn any Slack message into an Answer to automate recommendations for repetitive questions

Works standalone or integrates with the systems your team already uses.

Jira & Jira Service Desk Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with multiple Jira projects.
Jira Integration

Zendesk Support Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with Zendesk.
Zendesk Integration

ServiceNow Integration

2-way sync comments, fields, and forms with ServiceNow.
ServiceNow Integration

Halp Standalone

Don't have a ticketing system? Use Halp's powerful ticketing platform.
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